Packing and Exporting Tips of Handmade Turkish Ceramics

Tableworks started to operate in ceramic business in 2005. Since then we exported handmade ceramics  to more then 30 countires till 2020. In 2019, 70% of our production was being exported. Now, our handmade ceramic factory is based in Kutahya,Turkey. We want to share information about exporting and packing ceramics.           […]

Handmade Turkish Ceramics Production

We would like to give information about handmade turkish ceramic production. We produce many shapes in   different sizes. For instance ceramic plates, ceramic bowls, ceramic cups, ceramic dinnerware and ceramic     souvenirs. If you want to produce all these different types of ceramics, you need to use different techniques. You        will find […]

Handmade Turkish Ceramics Production

   1. Biscuit(Body) Selection   Handmade turkish ceramic production process starts with the selection of needed biscuits. The biscuit should be chosen correct. Therefore you will be able to apply the requested pattern. If your body(biscuit) is rectangular, your design should fit on it. You need to assign the ceramic bodies and pattern which you […]

Production Of Hand Made Turkish Ceramic Clay

The best quality of raw materials picked and quality check when received.
The materials mixed with our own ceramic recipe which is specially prepared for hand made Turkish ceramics.
Extra water added to be able to mix them then transfer to slow mixer.
Transferred to filter press, extra water comes out for next production.
The ready ceramic clay layers taken from the filter press.

How can I get an offer?

It is veery easy to prepare you offer accornding to your reqests. Here are the steps of a preparing an offer. Go to Click on to products. Choose your product range. Add the requested products to your chart. At this stage you will able to add the products with the MOQ of the product. […]