Handmade Turkish Ceramics Production

We would like to give information about handmade turkish ceramic production. We produce many shapes in   different sizes. For instance ceramic plates, ceramic bowls, ceramic cups, ceramic dinnerware and ceramic     souvenirs. If you want to produce all these different types of ceramics, you need to use different techniques. You        will find the information about the handmade turkish ceramic production techniques below.

Here are the steps of ceramic clay manufacture.

  1. Clay Sizing
  2. Slip Casting
  3.  Pres Shaping
  4. Jiggering Shaping
  5. Retouch of Raw Ceramic Biscuits
  6. Biscuit Fire 


1. Clay Sizing:

Before you start manufacture handmade turkish ceramics, you should prepared the size of the ceramic clay              according to the requested production technique and the size of the requested biscuit.

          2. Slip Casting:


Liquid clay poured into the ceramic molds. For slip casting we produce a different type of                                      ceramic clay which is more liqued to be able to get sizes of the 3-4 pieces of molds. We                                              poure the liquid clay into the molds, and wait for it in order to get the shape of the mold.                                              Then you take out the mold parts and retouch the raw biscuit(body).

3. Jiggering Shaping of Ceramics:

This technique is especially for ceramic bowls, ceramic mugs and ceramic cup biscuits. The ideal size                        of jiggering production between 5cm to 16cm as diameter and max 17cm height.

 4. Press Shaping:

This technique is mostly for rectangular shaped biscuits and the ones with height is no more then 7cm.                       Most of ceramic plates, platters, appetizer sets are produced by ceramic presses.


5. Retouch of the Raw Biscuits:

After the shaping is done, you need to retouch the raw biscuits before kiln by help of sponge.                                    You may do this step by machines or by hand according to the shapes that you produce.

6. Biscuit Kiln:

We fire the raw ceramic shapes for 8 hours at nearly 8 hours. After that 5 hours cool down.

After the biscuit kiln, the fired biscuits are controlled. After that they are transferred to biscuit warehouse. They will be start to wait to be painted.

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