Packing and Exporting Tips of Handmade Turkish Ceramics

Tableworks started to operate in ceramic business in 2005. Since then we exported handmade ceramics  to more then 30 countires till 2020. In 2019, 70% of our production was being exported. Now, our handmade ceramic factory is based in Kutahya,Turkey. We want to share information about exporting and packing ceramics.

           Packing Tips:

  1. Ceramic Clay Recipe: This is the most important point about safe delivery of turkish handmade ceramics. We are producing ceramic clay and fire it 1050 degrees. Therefore we have durable and hard ceramic. It is not easy breakable. This is our most important point. To get more information about producing handmade ceramics please click.
  2. Hard Cartoons: Each handmade turkish ceramic has its own cartoons. Therefore they transport safely. Cartoons can be bulk or single cartoon acording to the buyer request. Custom made packing is also available. Therefore customers can order with their own packing.
  3. Pallette Transport: Even the order is 8 cartoons or 200, we transport handmade ceramics by pallettes. All of our pallettes our stamped (fumigated) and certified.
  4. Few Bubble Rap Usage: We use very few bubble rap during packing. Threfore buyer gets extra time while openinig the order. In addition, we are trying to use less plastic to save the nature.

           Exporting Tips:

We export handmade turkish ceramics in different ways. Our factory is in Kutahya and we are using Istanbul             ports to export. Here is our shipment ways.

  1. Sea Shipment:  We send handmade ceramics both Full Container or LCL according to request. IT changes upto buyer. We suggest sea shipmetns to large orders and far countries. For instance America, Canada, Australia, China is reasonable for sea shipments.
  2. Airway: We suggest to use for 1 or pallette orders. Availble for everywhere in the world but mostly for the cities far away from the port.
  3. Truck: We export ceramics by truck to near countries. For instance, Europe Eunion, Russia, Iran are the samples. The delivery time is shorter. Operation is practical. Therefore exporting by truck is our most frequent shipment way.


          Organizing the Transport:

The transport organization changes upon the request of the customer. We can organize a door delivery transport. After that we send to customer on our quoation.

In otherway, our customer forwardes the transport company to us. They are all welcome.

Please do not hesitate to ask anything abaout exprting and packing to [email protected]



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