Handmade Turkish Ceramics Production

   1. Biscuit(Body) Selection


Handmade turkish ceramic production process starts with the selection of needed biscuits.

The biscuit should be chosen correct. Therefore you will be able to apply the requested pattern. If your body(biscuit) is rectangular, your design should fit on it. You need to assign the ceramic bodies and pattern which you will apply.

We produce our classical patterns and custom made patterns as well. Our classical ceramic patterns are Dantel, Relief, Aegean, Pastel, Iznik and modern designs.

According to customer requests we produce new designs. After that, we send samples. Then the production starts with the confirmation.


      2. Handmade Turkish Ceramic Pattern Assign:

The requested patterns is assigned according to order.

      3. Production of Handmade Ceramic Colors:

We choose the body and determine the pattern. After that we need the colors. We prepare our colors by                    using our clay recipes with color pigments. This is one of the most critical steps of the handmade turkish                    ceramic production. Therefore, we need to focus on correct color production. We should do sample                            ceramic production before mass production.

      4. Drawing and Painting Turkish Handmade Ceramics:

Each design needs have a different technique of production. We do drawing, painting, scraping and                          sponging.

– Drawing: Before paint, we draw with pencil, brush or sponge. It is up to the pattern.

– Painting: We do brush paint, pump paint or even glaze painting.

– Scraping: For the Relief design we draw by scraping.

We may use different techniques separately. However we use single technique according to the                                  pattern.

5. Retouch of Painted Handmade Turkish Ceramics:

After the drawing and painting ends, we retouch the painted products before glazing. If you are                                   producing handcraft ceramics there is always some points to control and retouch. After that we do                             quality control and transfer hand painted turkish ceramics to glazing unit.


Our handmade turkish ceramic factory is in Kutahya. We are always open for visitors. Feel free to visit                       us or any question by using [email protected].


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