We produce different variety of hand made turkish ceramic bowls.  We produce different sizes and different shapes of ceramic bowls. The bowls can be used for both souvenirs or table top use. We produce hand paint ceramic bowls for daily use. ou may use our bowls for cereal, soup and salad bowls. We can produce all the shapes as pieces or as sets according to orders.

Here are the our ceramic bowl shapes bowls below.

  1. Classic Bowls: Our classic bowls sizes are 08cm, 12cm, 16cm, 20cm, 25cm and 30cm.
  2. Footed Bowls: Footed bowl sizes: 08cm footed bowls, 10cm footed bowl, 13cm footed bowl, 15cm footed bowl.
  3. Tart Bowls: Tart bowl sizes: 08cm tart bowls, 10cm tart bowl, 13cm tart bowl, 15cm tart bowl.
  4. Gondola Bowls: Gondola bowl sizes: 11cm gondola bowls, 13cm gondola bowl, 16cm gondola bowl, 21cm gondola bowl.

Our bowl patterns are dantel bowls, aegea bowls, pastel bowls and relief bowls in 4 different shapes and different sizes.